Konnichi wa !

こんにち は ! 

Geisha Girls

There are some amazing facts that you will surprise you about Japan as well as sensational songs and video clips.  I will introduce you to Japanese Anime (animation) and Manga (comics), show you some fantastic Origami links and travel tips as well as showcasing some beautiful Kanji. You can even get your name written in Kanji !

There are some resources to help you learn and even some pages for Japanese teachers….as well as more awesome things about Japan and Japanese culture.


Yr 8 Japanese. Hooked from the first lesson!


My name is Kerry and I first started learning Japanese in Yr 8 at High School in Adelaide in 1982. I was hooked from the first lesson! I loved my teachers and everything about Japanese. I studied from Yr 8 to 12, went to Japan for one month when I was at University and then lived in Japan for 2 and a half years once I finished University. Since returning to Australia in 1993 I worked as a Japanese Speaking Tour Guide on the Gold Coast for 5 years and then returned to teaching Japanese in 1999. I am currentlTsuruy teaching Yr 2 to 7 Japanese at a Primary School on the Gold Coast. I hope that you come to love Japanese and Japan as much as I do and enjoy this site.


So, let’s get started ! さあ、始まりましょう。