Ainan-cho students arrive at school

On Wednesday August 14th. 15 students; 13 girls and 2 boys, 3 teachers and a Tour Escort arrived at school at 3.30pm. Once they had met their host families, it was home for a well earned rest and their first home-cooked Aussie meal.

Thursday at school saw some some fun activities between the Year 7 classes and the Ainan-cho students. Of course we taugorienteering cardsht them ‘Home Among the Gum Trees’ and the actions as well as some other well known Aussie songs.

The International Orienteering Challenge was a tight competition. Teams consisted of 2 Ainan-cho students and 3 Year 7 students. 3 teams were standouts and will receive prizes. The top score was 9 1/2 out of 14. Here are some of the question cards. It was a fun and challenging activity to undertake with our Japanese visitors.



Morning tea consisted of party pies, mini frankfurts, quiche, lamingtons, pikelets (jam and cream of course) and delicious fruit. Lamingtons-05.2-830x330

imagesStudents met their school buddies and began their English lessons. We wish them luck as they work on improving their English….they might even learn some Aussie slang.


The students at school love having our Japanese visitors and we look forward to 3 more fun days at school.

Here is one of the Aussie songs that we shared with our Japanese friends. It shows so much about Australia in 4 minutes.