sushi ingredientsDo you want to try cooking Japanese food? There are many dishes that can be prepared and cooked at home. I will show you some great websites and YouTube links to help you learn how to be a MasterChef of Japanese food… your own home.

There are many Japanese dishes that you can cook with your kids. Kids love food and are fast SushiCheflearners and love to ‘make’ things. Sushi is a wonderful start. It can become very expensive to go out and eat sushi at a restaurant, so how about making it at home?

It is hard at the start to know what ingredients to buy. Here is a PDF of the ingredients for sushi which you can either print out or view on your phone if you access JapaneseJoy when you are at the shops. All of the ingredients are available at many local supermarkets in the Asian Section, also at Asian groceries and Japanese supermarkets.

Here are some YouTube clips showing different ways of making sushi;



Here is another great place to learn a variety of Kids Web screen shot

Kids Web Japan Cooking Pages 






If you are creative and patient, here are some amazing lunchboxes (Obento) to make.





Tempura is a delicious way to enjoy a range of vegetables and seafood.

Japanese Curry is such a scrumptious dish. It is not too spicy, very wholesome, very delicious and can be varied according to what ingredients you choose to use. The curry block (pack) is now readily available in the Asian section of supermarkets. Alternatively if you have a Japanese supermarket near you, there will be a wider range available there.


Gyoza, often called Japanese dumplings are delicious and can be made in the comfort of your own kitchen. Take a look here and see if this is something you want to try;

Raamen noodles are relatively quick to prepare and so nourishing. Again, you can vary the ingredients that you choose. Here is just one type of raamen dish.

If you have ever wondered how they make the realistic display food for restaurant windows, here is your answer;

Happy cooking !