Day 1 – Kansai & Kyoto

We are here in Japan ! It has been a long day, however the fCoolie goodbyelight was smooth, we saw some beautiful scenery out of the windows and a good time was had by all.

Thank you to the Gold Coast Titans for our hats……we can find each other so easily…and they look great.


Kansai 1

From Kansai Airport in Osaka, we travelled for 70 minutes by train and arrived in Kyoto, the ancient capital. The students’ rooms are tatami style, they are sleeping on futons and it is a very traditional start to our adventure.

We have a mascot called Kinja (the koala Ninja). Kinja’s crusades will be followed as he discovers all kinds of amazing things about Japan.

Kinja travellingHere is Kinja on the plane and then arriving in Kyoto, taking the opportunity to climb a tree and survey his home for the next few days.

Good night from Kyoto.

Oyasumi nasai

おやすみなさい。Kinja in Kyoto - wild