Day 2 – Kinkakuji & Kiyomizudera

We have had a magnificent day sightseeing around
Kyoto. Greeted by a fine sunny day we headed off on the bus to Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavillion, where we saw some amazing architecture and sampled new Japanese sweets on the outside temple stalls. Kinkakuji

Back on the bus we headed to Kiyomizu Temple where we cleansed ourselves with sacred water and explored the gardens and temples in the complex.

We met many new friends, some traditionally dressed in Kimono, who were out to celebrate a long weekend. group KimonoKimono joy 2


Kimono joyKiyomizudera waterfall











In the evening we struck our first hundred yen shop
located a short walk away from the accommodation. The kids and teachers got carried away with the range of bargains and paid for later when they had to carry their purchases home. We enjoyed dinner in a Japanese food
court were the kids chose from a wide range on new dining options, many trying something they had never had before.

Kinja 2 @ Kitomizuderamore kimonos






Kinja 2 (Kinja the Kangaroo Ninga 2) had another great day, stay posted for more adventures…….