Disneyland in Winter

Today we headed to Disneyland, a beautiful, sunny, not so cold day. It was pretty busy, the start of the day we got onto rides relatively quickly, by lunchtime, it was 40-50 minute waits in lines for the more popular ones. After having my 2 in line for 45 minutes on Big Thunder Mountain we didn’t do any more long waits !! Thank goodness it was a long ride and they both loved it.
All of the water rides ( rafts, river cruises etc) we got straight on and these were fun and quite relaxing too.




Photos with characters is a lot of fun. Some stand and you can have a photo taken easily. Goofy, for example, runs around posing and playing, and you have to chase him for a photo.


All the character photos are fun and become treasured memories



So two very content, worn out kids tonight. A great day at Disneyland.