eBooks & Kamishibai

Doraemon 3eBooks are fantastic as books or used through your projector to create a ‘book’ on your whiteboard.

The reason that I have made eBooks is to make the books at a level the students can read, reinforce vocab and grammar on the actual topics that we have studied. I also find many books too long and so by creating an eBook, the story can be condensed if you choose.

eBooks can introduce characters such as: Doraemon

Click the above link to see the PDF version of the eBook. The story of how the 12 animals became guardians of the 12 years of the Zodiac Calendar is interesting and fun. Take a look :-)

Picture pages x 24 PDF

Script for Kamishibai PDF

cover pageThis is a fantastic resource for the start of a year as a Kamishibai or eBook. Also can tie in with Fairy Tale units for classroom teachers.

It also reinforces Senior Japanese …….に なりました. Enjoy.

I find that even some quite simple Japanese picture books can be challenging for students as they learn Hiragana, so I made some simple readers for students. At the same time introducing characters that they already know or are famous in Japan.

In their work booklets, they have a progress chart to fill in information of the readers that they have completed.  If you are lucky enough to have a Japanese assistant teacher or volunteer, this is a lovely activity for them to share with students one on one or a small group.

PDFs are included. You can print the pages and bind as a book or use them as eBooks on the whiteboard.

I have made many more readers too. I make them in WORD, print them in colour and then bind them with a plastic cover on the front to keep them sturdy. This works out much cheaper than purchasing books, and you can have multiple copies.

This one is my favourite pet reader as the pictures are just gorgeous.

Pet Reader # 1 Tomodachi

pet book #1

Page 2

Here are some examples of pages of other books below.

Once you have a template, it is easy to make more. Hope you enjoy making some great books – you can tailor them to the level of your students. Some of your students can make them too. 楽しんでください。

Pet Book #2

Sport 1 week 犬の一週間


Sport Reader #2 Dekimasu ka

できますか  book


suki desu ka