Eiga Mura and Arashiyama Monkey Park : Day 5

September 24th……Silver Week is now over and the business has settled all over Japan. We head to Eiga Mura, a movie park where 200 Japanese movies are made each year. Today we plan to dress up as Ninja, do Ninja challenges, see a Samurai show and see the sights of Eiga Mura. It is only 10 minutes on the train from Kyoto and 10 minute’s walk from the station to the entrance, making it a very time efficient day.


The Ninja House and Challenge were so much fun.

What made me happy (and so relieved) was the wait time to go on the Ninja attractions…..NONE……yet during Silver Week the lineup was 2 and a half hours. Phew!

IMG_0554The Samurai show was highly entertaining and we found a cafeteria inside with well priced curry and noodle dishes.

From here, we travelled just 5 minutes on the train to Arashiyama. It is a 30 minute walk to the Monkey Park from the station, a very pretty walk though.

IMG_0555The monkeys are on the outside of the cage…….we are on the inside. For 100 yen per bag, you can buy cut up apple, banana and whole peanuts in their shell. The students favourite part was the monkeys, I love the walk up and down the mountain. The scenery along the way and from the top is just beautiful.

Eiga Mura and Monkey Park were a great combination for a day trip. If you are at Eiga Mura on a weekend or public holiday, this will be different. I would recommend a weekday of possible.

Enjoy if you go :-)