English lessons at school

While at school the students do 3 different types of activities.Schoolboy

1. English lessons with an ESL teacherSchoolGirl

2. Joining in with the Japanese classes

3. Joining in with a normal class with their ‘school buddies’.

All of these activities help them to learn about Australian schooling, English (grammar, vocabulary and usage) as well as comparing the way that lessons are conducted in Australia and Japan. Skills acquired while learning overseas as they are currently doing, will be useful after returning to Japan and the students will be able to apply their new knowledge to their school studies as well as everyday life.

Here are some photos from Monday’s English lessons. I like interactive lessons. Personally I learn better while I am ‘doing’ rather than just sitting.

Possum MagicToday, I chose to use Mem Fox’s Possum Magic. It is the story of Grandma Poss (a possum) and Hush (her grand-daughter). Grandma Poss can do magic and makes Hush invisible so that she cannot be eaten by snakes or sat on by kangaroos. One day, Hush asks to be visible again…..except that Grandma Poss can’t remember how to reverse the spell.

So the two embark on a trip around Australia, eating different famous Aussie foods as they go….and little by little Hush becomes visible.

We ate Anzac biscuits, Minties and made mini pavlovas, all foods introduced in the book. As students ate and learned about Australia’s cities and culture, they learned some useful English words and phrases.

How we made our mini pavlovas

  • we bought mini pavlovas, ready to fill
  • cut up delicious fruit. We used strawberries and kiwi fruit
  • whip fresh cream
  • top the mini pavlovas with whipped cream and fresh fruit
  • eat and enjoy



The students loved their pavlova. A delicious and educational activity from our Mem Fox book.