Heiwa Hiroshima (Peaceful Hiroshima)


We have had some exciting adventures again today.

First was the students’ first ride on the Shinkansen, the bullet train. We travelled from Kyoto to Shin-Osaka station on an express train, then boarded a Shinkansen. It was so smooth and fast and we arrived in Hiroshima in just under one and a half  hours.walking to PP

We then took our beautiful peace cranes to the Peace Park and laid them at Sadako’s statue. It was both moving and memorable to hang our cranes at the peace Park.

Peace Park.

Kinja & cranes





These were my favourite peace crane posters this year.

Peace poster WOW

my fav peace poster









The Peace Musuem was another life changing experience. It is a very personal experience and affects everyone differently. The students were very mature and respectful of the message behind the Peace Park. As we see it, the message is the need for of devastation and destruction, comes the overwhelming need for peace and harmony in the world. The role of this will fall on the shoulders of our children. They all saw this through the eyes of Sadako.

 photos after the bomb


Our dinner was at a delicious reastaurant, where we were treated to chahan, karaage, gyouza and raamen. What Kinja at Raamena taste sensation ! Did I mention that the food is simply amazing in Japan?


Ja, mata じゃ、また