Hiroshima Peace Park & Museum 2015

Hiroshima is one of my favourite cities in Japan. The people are warm and friendly and the Peace Park and Museum are life-changing places to visit. Noone could visit and not be affected by what they see and learn at the Peace Park. The most powerful message though is just that : PEACE. Also the hope and prayer that something like Hiroshima and Nagasaki could never happen again.

We made our 1000 cranes at school, threaded them on thin line and placed them into the glass display case at Sadako’s statue. This was a wonderful experience for all of the students and teachers.

1000 Cranes Hiroshima


1000 Cranes Hiroshima (2)70 year commeration peace poster 1000 Cranes Hiroshima (3) Peace poster made from cranes2 Hiroshima (1)I especially loved finding the AOGIRI TREE. This tree was 1300 metres from the hypercentre when the bomb exploded. Although blackened and seemingly dead, it sprouted a new shoot in the following spring – a sign that life could still come back to Hiroshima. Later, it also produced seedlings, which have been transplanted around Hiroshima, again as a message of new life and new beginnings.

This tree has been moved to near the bookshop at the Peace Museum. It will give you goosebumps when you see it !

You can read more about Sadako and Hiroshima in the Culture section of Japanese Joy. Click the crane and you can go there now if you choose. Crane-2

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