How Do You Say…?


Would you like to learn some Japanese?

日本語 の 勉強 を  しませんか?Japanese School Girl

On this page you can view and download some Japanese words and phrases to do things like help you count, say your colours, find out some helpful info for an assignment or even get some questions ready to ask exchange students from Japan.

Just click on the file that you wish to view and it will be displayed.

There will be extra pages loaded from time to time so come and visit again.

がんばって ね!!  Good luck!!

Numbers 1 to 20

Numbers 1 to 2000

Colours Poster

Colours –  B&W poster to colour in

Saying how old you are

1 o’clock – 12 o’clock

Classroom greetings

Likes and dislikes

Hiragana chart to print out

Interactive Hiragana ChartInteractive Hiragana Chart




Mini Book #1 Greetings, numbersmini book #1





Family vocab