International Chopstick Relays

The annual International Chopstick Relays were held at lunchtime today.chopstick relays 3

If you wish to hold your own chopstick relays, here is a possible list of what you will need

  • happi coats (not essential)
  • Hachimaki (head bands, these can be home-made if you don’t have any)
  • chopsticks
  • plates
  • jelly babies (or similar)

Students lines up in teams, we had 7 in each team, mixed teams with students from both schools.

The first person puts on a happi coat and headband, runs out to a table, turns around to face all the waiting team members (this eliminates cheating) and transfers jelly babies from one plate to the next.

Once finished, they run back to the next team member, they change into the happi coat and Hachimaki and run out to transfer the jelly babies. chopstick relays 4

This is such a fun activity. The students all work together and encourage each other. chopstick relays 5






chopstick relays 1






chopstick relays 2

What students learned from Chopstick Relays

  1. Using chopsticks is a lot harder than it looks
  2. Japanese people are amazingly skillful using chopsticks
  3. Spearing jelly babies is actually slower as they get stuck on the chopsticks
  4. Yelling at the jelly babies does not make your team go any faster
  5. Jelly baby massacre is not rewarded
  6. Try to keep your Hachimaki around your head and not over your eyes
  7. Looking the part does not necessarily guarantee success
  8. Aussie kids should maybe stick to hamburgers…….

A fun time was had by all.