Manga is the Japanese word for comics or cartoon strips.

The translation from the Kanji (Chinese characters) is ‘Whimsical drawings’.
In Japan, people of all ages read Manga, not just kids!

Some Japanese Manga that we may have heard of are:Naruto 2

  • Naruto
  • Super Mario-kun
  • Dragon Ball
  • Doraemon
  • One Piece

Manga are very popular in Japan and when riding on buses and trains, you will see many, many people reading Manga. Topics range from family, school life, cooking, Super Marioaction-adventure, romance, sports and games, historical drama, comedy, science fiction and fantasy, mystery and even horror.

You may find some Manga at a second-hand bookstore, school fetes, receive as presents from exchange students or can purchase on-line. However you get the Manga……ENJOY!!

If you want to learn to draw Manga, here is a great site,

How to Draw Manga websiteThere is information on apps for drawing Manga also. How convenient to have such easy access to tutorials on your Smart Phone, iPad or tablet.

There are some fabulous YouTube clips for drawing Manga;

One Piece is a very popular Anime & Manga.

Check out their site, where you can learn about the characters and plot of the story.


One Piece