Japanese for Home Stay


SchoolboyHave you ever had a Japanese student stay at your home? Have you wanted to, but were a bit nervous? Maybe you were OK, but Mum or Dad were a bit nervous? Here you will find some simple, straight forward guidelines for hosting a Japanese Homestay student.

Would some guidelines for days at school, days on the weekend and for communicating with them be helpful? I have had parents and friends call me at the last minute begging for Japanese to use with a Homestay student. Now, with a simple click, you have access to some simple and useful Japanese to help you communicate with your student. Of course, they have come to Australia to learn English, however a few phrases in Japanese may come in handy during their time at your home.

With email, Facebook, Skype and YouTube all available to help you stay in touch, it is very possible that you could become lifelong friends. How exciting!!

さあ、みてみましょう! So, let’s take a look!happy couple

Let’s start with some basic phrases. Basic Japanese for Homestay PDF. This can be printed for your convenience. I have written it in Romaji; this is Japanese sounds with English letters. So instead of writing  こんにち は in Hiragana or Kanji, I have written Konnichi wa in Romaji so it can be read easily.

As for your pronunciation, there are many apps for your smart phones, tablets and iPads etc. The free apps usually have about 60 phrases. Now it may not sound like a lot, however 60 phrases will get you a long way in a foreign country.

learn japanese phrasebook

This is just one of the handy apps for learning. Pronunciation is perfect as it is a native Japanese lady’s voice. Learn Japanese in a search should enable you to find this one.



learn japanese free

Another great aplearn Japanese appp is here, again with native Japanese pronunciation. Some of the Japanese is quite formal, still a very useful app.







Here is a booklet for families who are hosting students. What a wonderful opportunity…….hoping it is most enjoyable and fulfilling. With email and social media now, you may make a lifelong friend. 楽しんでください。 Enjoy :-)

Homestay booket for families -click here for the booklet kouyou_obentou