Japanese for Travel

Konnichi wahappy couple

So here you are ready to learn some Japanese for travel.  A sure way to enhance your trip is to learn some of the local lingo. Japanese people will appreciate your effort, and you will have a ball trying to understand, make yourself be understood and will become very adept at charades.

Let’s start with some basic phrases. Basic Japanese for Homestay PDF. This can be printed for your convenience. I have written it in Romaji; this is Japanese sounds with English letters. So instead of writing  こんにち は in Hiragana or Kanji, I have written Konnichi wa in Romaji so it can be read easily.

As for your pronunciation, there are many YouTube clips. Here are just three one of so many;


There are also fantastic apps for your smart phones, tablets and iPads etc. The free apps usually have about 60 phrases. Now it may not sound like a lot, however 60 phrases will get you a long way in a foreign country.

learn japanese phrasebook

This is just one of the handy apps for learning. Pronunciation is perfect as it is a native Japanese lady’s voice. Learn Japanese in a search should enable you to find this one.




Another great aplearn Japanese appp is here, again with native Japanese pronunciation. Some of the Japanese is quite formal, still a very useful app.



learn japanese free




Gambatte ne – try your best. がんばってください。