Kodomo no Hi – Children’s Day – May 5th

Kodomo no Hi – Children’s Day – May 5thKodomo_No_Hi_by_JuliKitt

Children’s Day is a very popular festival for children in Japan. Although now called Children’s Day, it was formerly known as Boys’ Day. For children it is a celebration day, giant Koinobori (carp kites) are flown all over Japan, the display for Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day) is set up in their homes and they receive money. To top it all off, it is a national holiday and students get the day off school as well.

Why is the carp chosen as the symbol for Children’s Day and the kite? The carp is one of the fish which swims upstream, even jumping over small waterfalls. Parents wish for their children to be strong and determined like the carp.

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Here is a cute version of the song for Kodomo no Hi to listen to.


Display for Children’s Day

A stand is set up in Japanese homes. Displayed on the green stand are such things as Kabuto (Samurai helmets) and swords.







Koinobori or Carp kites are interesting and fun to make with your students or children.

Here is a simple one to decorate and make. All that you will need extra is some colourful paper, like crepe paper, string, tape and an area to run and fly the kites. Have fun :-)      Koinobori to decoratekoinobori to decorate