Mazda Factory – Day 3

From Hiroshima station to the Mazda Factory by train is less than 10 minutes. Then it is a short walk to the factory. The showroom at the entrance is impressive with the latest model cars on display, a coffee shop, some car games for the kids (and big kids) and a photo booth which is a lot of fun.








We went on the English speaking tour of the factory which was fantastic. The Mazda factory includes its own port, fire station and it is like a small city.

If you work here……you must drive a MAZDA (of course)



Different engines, rotaries, clay models made with such precision, robots building cars, people building cars, a museum with all of the oldest Mazda models on display…..these are all things you will see. Mazda has produced a new movie. Apart from being very impressive, we all left (students and teachers) and wanted to buy a MAZDA.

If you are planning on visiting Hiroshima, the Mazda Factory is a worthy inclusion in any itinerary. The English Tour is generally at 10am. From there, if you are planning to head to Miyajima, you can expect to arrive between 1.30 and 2.00pm.