Mazda Factory and Osaka

Day 6 : Mazda factory, Shinkansen to Osaka and Karaoke

This morning we rolled up our futons and left Hiroshima bound for Osaka. Mazda headquarters factory was our first stop and ‘Maz’ words flourished – we had a ‘maznificent time watching mazmerising robots mazurfacturing Mazda cars of the future. Sorry……. It was fun ! And really mazmorising !Mazda LaMans
Kinja @ Mazda
Kinja Obento
Our group negotiated busy Shin-Osaka train station and streets with ease. Great teamwork today – we even stood on the escalators Japanese style, respectfully on the left.
Karaoke tonight was so much fun! The kids have made beautiful connections with 9 Japanese children and their mums who joined us for food, dancing and fantastic singing to Justin Beiber, Village People, ABBA, One Direction among others. Stars of the future showed their talents midst much laughter.
Our Youth Hostel accommodation is clean, comfortable and convenient, has very helpful staff, great Wi-Fi so we are all happily connected again.
Kendama & Kinja20 Kendama Association Kendama arrived at the Youth Hostel. Thank you Toru-sensei for ordering them :-)
Kinja just couldn’t wait to check them out.
Off to Universal Studios tomorrow

Good night. Oyasumi nasai