Miyajima Magic

Day 5 – MiyajimaMiyajima girls


Another day of perfect weather and we were off to Miyajima. A bus ride to the station, train to the port and a ferry to the island. It is one of the most beautiful places in Japan, so peaceful, traditional, colourful and full of delicious treats for any taste.


The famous Tori gate at Itsukushima shrine is one of the most photographed landmarks in Japan.

Tori gate

We were lucky and the tide was high, making for some fun photos.

Miyajima 1


We then went on the Ropeway, up the mountain for 30 minutes for a spectacular view of the surrounding islands and the inland sea.



Mt MisenRopeWay







Then another amazing experience; we made Momiji Manjuu. Momiji is a maple leaf and the sweets have various fillings. We made anko (sweet beans) and chocolate manjuu. We made 4 each and then wrapped them in plastic in the special machine. I am sorry to say that many people did not take 4 manjuu home …..they smelled too good and were warm and just so yummy :-)

Kinja Momiji Manju

Here is Kinja with a momiji manjuu

Thank you Miyajima for an unforgettable day