Ninja Visit and Museum

Ninja kidsOn our last day we visited Mie prefecture and a place called Iga-Ueno. This is the birthplace of Ninja in Japan. It was my first visit also to the area and I loved it. On the train ride as we travelled to Iga-Ueno we passed stunning mountain scenery; little towns nestled in the valleys, rice paddies and rivers. getting our swords

getting dressed

Upon arriving, we were dressed in Ninja costumes, complete with swords.




Next was a beautiful walk to the Ninja house and Museum. We were shown hidden trapdoors, revolving walls, secret passages, hidden peep-holes, shelves that convert to stairs….it was mind-blowing.

The Ninja Show was fast, funny, skilful and will an unforgettable memory for everyone. Pictures will illustrate better than words, so please enjoy the photos.

Ninja show 6 Ninja show 7







Ninja show 1 Ninja show 2







Shuuriken a Ninja show 3

Ninja show 5

Ninja show 4







Shuuriken throwing Layla




Shuuriken (Ninja-star throwing) was next and we all got to throw 3. Aussies usually are reasonably accurate from playing darts……

Ninja 1





Ninja scary








Ninja gardens

The gardens were just beautiful and we ate a delicious obentou which was organised by our kind volunteer guides.  Having experienced the Ninja tour that we did, I will always endeavour to include a visit to Iga-Ueno in future tours. A truly memorable day. Another huge thank you to Saizen for making this tour possible. A wonderful way to spend our last day in Japan.