Nostalgic Nara & Magical Maiko

Konnichi Nara 5 Story Pagodawa

We have had an amazing day……Nara was our first stop where we fed the deer, saw the 5 story pagoda, went to the Daibutsu and challenged ourselves through Buddha’ nostril.

Nara group 5 story Pagoda 2


Buddha's nostril Kinja

Behind the Giant Buddha, is a hole that is the same size as his nostril.

We had 15 students and 2 teachers accept the challenge with 100% success rate…..Yatta !!!!

Nostril success


Our next memorable activity was a private meeting with a Maiko-san. Maiko are training Geiko (in Tokyo called Geisha). Our Maiko-san is called Tomitaai. Tomi is from her Okaasan’s teahouse, TA means abundance and AI means love. What a beautiful name.

Tomikiku group photo

Maiko Tomitaai meishi koukan






Our group with our lovely Maiko-san and a beautiful moment captured when she gave out business cards.

Tomimiai & boysGirls & Tomitaai outside








Thank you Saizen Tours for organising such a fantastic experience :-)

GionLast we went to the area where ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ was filmed.

A fabulous way to end a perfect day.


Oyasumi nasai    おやすみなさい