Preparation and Itinerary

So here we are……….just 2 days until we leave. The students and teachers are very excited.Crane-1


We have 1000 cranes completed…..and still the team continues………stay tuned for the final total. The crane makers are so proficient now and have the making down to a fine art. If you have ever made origami, you will know how relaxing and peaceful it is.


millions of cranes





Here is our pictorial itinerary so you can see where we plan to visit. 2013 itinerary with pictures

Itinerary with pictures

new Maiko in Kyoto

When we visit Kyoto, we have a private performance and meeting with a Maiko. A Maiko is a training Geiko. In Kyoto they are called Geiko, in Tokyo, the girls are called Geisha, the name that you are probably most familiar with. Here is a picture of our Maiko this year, she has just made her debut. We are so looking forward to meeting her.

Students’ bags are beginning to be packed, final things bought, passports all ready ……….