Profile of an Anime Artist


The gorgeous chibi on my site are created by an Anime artist called Chloe in the UK.

5 chibisbutterscones chloe

Here is a recent interview done via internet with Chloe about her drawing and love of Anime.

1. How old were you when you realised you liked and were good at drawing?     For me, drawing was love at first sight, it’s something I have enjoyed since picking up a pencil. It was not until I started school that I thought it was something that I might actually be good at. From then I spent hours drawing with my sister on rolls and rolls of paper. 

2. How old were you when you started to develop your art? Development had been a constant thing for me. I chose to study art and attended many drawing classes which helped to develop my technique and had provided a good basis for any form of drawing.


3. Do you have your own characters? I am currently working on an illustration portfolio with my sister, Abigail, known as ‘Buttercrumble’. We feature many of our own characters including our favourite Buttercrumble bear family who live in Honey Hollow.


4. If so, which is your favourite?1001766_405617592884849_2139487782_n  Our favourite has to be Buttercrumble bear. He’s been there from the start and the design is simple but cute.

Buttercrumble Bear



5. Are there any other styles of drawing that you do apart from Anime? Anime is definitely a style that has appeal to me and a lot of my work is inspired by Japanese culture. I am also  inspired by Scandinavian design which is much more folksy and shape focused. I appreciate all styles from very graphic vector drawings to very traditional tonal sketches.1011393_426115947501680_763325863_n


6. Has your love of art and Anime become a career for you? I believe it is becoming a more major aspect of my life – definitely. I am still studying art and graphic design so I hope this can help me to grow as an illustrator and hopefully result in a very fulfilling career.


7. Do you have your own website? Yes – Abigail and myself post all our work on – our art portfolio. We also run a blog from here where we can document our progress on new projects.Buttercrumble-Screenshot


8. Do you have a favourite Japanese Anime (movie)?  My favourite anime movie has to be Spirited Away, a Studio Ghibli production, I think it has to be because of the whimsical characters and the beauty of the artwork. I would recommend this to anyone!

9. Do you have a favourite Japanese Manga (comic book)? My favourite manga has to be Yotsuba because of the humourbutterscones chloe and simplicity. It depicts everyday life in such a fun and sweet way. The art always makes me smile.


10. What advice would you give to a budding artist about developing their art towards their career path? My advice to a young aspiring artist would be never to give up! Study lots of artists, different mediums and techniques and you will develop your own style.