Risk Assessments

More and more, Risk Assessments are required for activities that were not previously required. Risk Assessments will be added to this page as a guide to help you submit your own as a PDF. Please modify them to suit your school and classroom.

I make sushi once or twice a year with Year 6 and 7 classes. The Risk Assessment is 8 pages !  I so no reason whySamuraiSushiChef things like this cannot be shared. If it lightens the load for another teacher then I think it is wonderful. They can then spend their time actually teaching or preparing instead of re-inventing the wheel.

A sample Risk Assessment for a Japan Trip is also included.

Other Risk Assessments will be loaded as prepared or received. Anyone who wishes to contribute, please do, and your work will be acknowledged.


These Risk Assessments load with none of the entered data. If you would like to peruse a completed version, please email me and I will email the relevant Risk Assessment to you. I now have one completed for a Karate Demonstration…….yes…..8 pages……

Once you have a completed Risk Assessment, all you need to do is make minor changes each time. It is definitely worth the process to have fantastic activities in your program.

Risk Assessment for Sushi (May 2012)

Japan Trip 2013 Risk Assessment