Sensational Songs

Singing is one of the best ways to learn a language, whether it be your native tongue or a foreign language. At the school that I teach at we sing a lot and the majority of the Japanese songs that we sing have actions that accompany them. This makes it more fun and also a little easier to remember the words as they have actions that accompany them.

I have grouped the songs into 3 sections.

Most of the song lyrics are included. I have songs that I do with Yr 4 and 5.

Click here for the song words for Yr 4 & 5 booklets.

There are extra songs that the Year 6 and 7’s sing.

You can see the song words for yr 6 & 7 booklets here.

All the songs are totally interchangeable depending on your time allocation of lessons and level of the students of course. I also have taught from Prep and Year 1. These students will astound you with how quickly they remember songs.  Some of the songs are great for teaching High School Grammar also.

We often begin a lesson singing. This means you can get straight into listening and speaking/singing Japanese right  from the beginning of the lesson and turn on students’ ‘Japanese Brain’.intro page Singing Girl for Sensational Songs

I hope that you enjoy singing the songs, whether it be teaching your own children or your classes at school, as much as I do.

If you have other songs that you are using that are sensational, please let me know and they can be shared with others. Your contribution will be acknowledged of course.

さあ、うたいましょう!!   Let’s sing !!

Here is “Let it Go’ from the movie Frozen. It has the Japanese script and Romaji


For a boppy and fun song, take a listen to the Polar Bear Cafe opening song. It is mixed with Japanese, English and other languages.

Here is the Happy Birthday song. Some students love to hear this on their birthday.