Songs With Sign Language

Sign Language is a great way to teach Japanese. With particles and verb conjugations, Sign Language can help students understand more easily.

So why not take it to the next level and teach songs using Sign Language?


Japanese Sign Language 手話 is different from English Sign Language.The sign in Japanese sign for eat uses chopsticks with your hand for the bowl. English sign language is holding a big sandwich or hamburger with both hands. Culture can therefore be taught at the same time, and in an interesting manner. I feel that using Sign Language for songs helps students to remember the words as they are linkeshuwa songu coverd to the actions.

As I learn more Sign Language songs I will share them with you. How do I learn them? From my trusty ‘Shuwa Songu’ book purchased from Amazon. It is full of fabulous songs !

The 2 songs I have included are Twinkle Twinkle, a song done from Daycare right up to Yr 7 if you choose.  You can listenTwinkle-Circle-Border to Kira Kira Hikaru in Easy Songs.  



doggie policeman

Also Inu no Omawarisan (Doggy Policeman). I teach this to Yr 6s during their Pet Unit, however Yr 7s will still sing and all the students enjoy the challenge of trying to keep up.

Actions for Inu no Omawarisan are included here.

I have scanned them at home and as you can see, the quality is not very good at all. If you email me at I can email you a better quality set or the jpgs. I will try photocopying and scanning also. Sorry for the delay.


Inu no omawarisan 1 - 4

 Inu no omawarisan  5 &  6

 Inu no omawarisan 7 - 11

  Inu no omawarisan 12 & 13Inu no omawarisan 14 - 17