Spectacular Sumo

A dream that I have had is of going to a Sumo Tournament. Sumo can be seen in Tokyo in a place called Ryogoku, easily accessible by train. The added bonus of riding the train is that you may share your carriage with a few Sumo wrestlers. Once inside the station, you will see more and as you walk to the stadium, there are Sumo wrestlers everywhere. Many people come to see the Sumos arrive and leave and are on both sides of the walkway…..it is a little like walking the red carpet at a big movie opening.




The Sumo bouts begin in the morning, however these are junior Sumos. From around 2.30pm you can see some more famous Wrestlers. At 3.45pm the most famous Sumo wrestlers come out, are introduced, and then compete against each other until between 5.30pm and 6pm.



It is a fabulous atmosphere, with people calling encouragement to the Sumos and much excitement.
We loved every minute of the Sumo Tournament and I hope I get to see another one sooner rather than later.




If you have time when visiting Tokyo, I would definitely recommend a trip to Ryogoku.