Spoons is just one way to add a bit of purpose and excitement to your lessons. Lessons toward the end of the day and week, double lessons – these are all great times for SPOONS. If you ask my students, they’d tell you anytime is a good time for Spoons. Upper primary and all secondary classes are well suited to spoons.

To make a SPOONS game,

  • choose 10-20 words or a sentence structure you ant to work on.
  • The aim is to get 4 of a set.
  • An example would be : Kanji card – Hiragana card – English card – picture card
  • Google how Spoons is played – there are many good examples of fast moving spoons games in action.
  • It is often played as a card game and the aim is to get a number in each suit.

Here are 2 games ready to print and laminate.

Spoons potential verbs

This one is for Senior Japanese – using potential; 読めます、読める、can read + picture


This was for plain form Yr 9/10. しゅみは・___をする・ことです + picture 

Maybe take out some しゅみはand ことです。cards to keep it flowing. You’ll see what works best for you.

More coming soon :-)