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Here you will be able to find out how to say some things in Japanese that you may have been wondering about, learn more about Japanese Anime and Manga, Kanji and even do a quick Quiz to check your knowledge.

What? You don’t know anything about Kanji or Manga?  Well, here’s your chance to start learning…

              がんばって ね !

Gambatte ne !       ( Good luck ! )

Here are some of my favourite sites like Kids Web Japan, Origami Club and


Kids Web Japan

origami English

origami Japanese

 To learn your stroke order and learn your Hiragana, here is a great site called Yoshida Institute – Learn Hiragana. Yoshida Institute

Another great site is called easyjapanese.orgeasy

 Check out the Kana Invaders Game Kana Invaders


For a challenging and fun way to learn Japanese, try Language Perfect. LP logo

Language Perfect is an on-line learning program that allows you to challenge yourself while competing with other students in your class, school, country and the rest of the world !

You choose the number of questions, delivery mode of the questions (English to Japanese or Japanese to English) as well as your topic. There are so many to choose from. This program is definitely worth checking out. Enjoy


Try these cool games of Memory with Hiragana. Just hit  すたーと next to the arrow button down the bottom. There are 3 more Hiragana memory games using different Hiragana, then 4 Katakana games too.   がんばってね

Hiragana Memory Game site

 They are all off a great site called Genki Kokugo. There is a fabulous Interactive Hiragana Chart in the ‘How do you say….?’ section as well as other wonderful posters and practice sheets.

Genki KokugoHere is a great way to learn Katakana;

Puni Puni site