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Welcome to Teachers’ Domain.

For this section to be most successful it needs contributions from teachers. What works for me, will not necessarily work for others. Although I am a Senior Teacher, there are still teachers with much more experience and more years under their belt than me. Newer teachers also have valuable ideas to share.

Teacher for Teachers DomainIf you live in a more remote area and are teaching Japanese, it is intended that this will be useful and help you to feel a bit more connected. The MLTAQ groups are a fabulous way to share ideas also. This will complement other networking already in place.

If you are a new teacher starting out, this may fast track your teaching methods and help you to be doing more ‘teaching’ and less ‘crowd control’.

Some resources are included, however there are other sites dedicated to resources more than here. A fantastic site with a huge variety of resources is Japanese Teaching Ideas. By donating a resource, you are given a password and there are so many wonderful resources, websites, how to….ideas, behaviour management and so much more. This site gives you not only ideas but inspiration to do things differently in your classroom.

Japanese Teaching Ideas

For a challenging and fun way to learn Japanese, try Language Perfect.LP logo

Language Perfect is an on-line learning program that allows your students to challenge themselves while competing with other students in your class, school, country and the rest of the world.

Students choose the number of questions, delivery mode of the questions (English to Japanese or Japanese to English) as well as the topic. There are so many to choose from. As teachers, you can send vocab lists and grammar to Language Perfect to have a module created to suit your students’ needs.

To make your own Bingo cards, try this site: http://osric.com/bingo-card-generator/

Just remove the content and add your own. Hiragana works, you just need to do commas in English or it will all end up in one box. 10 different cards are generated when you make the Bingo. Enjoy ……. やった Bingotri colour balloons


 This program is definitely worth checking out. Enjoy

Have you seen Genki Kokugo? Interactive Hiragana chart, printable posters, memory games for students and printable practice sheets. Definitely worth a look and great for students to access at home.

Genki Kokugo

Here are some gret classroom Ideas from Atsuya-sensei

Take a look at Atsuya’s fabulous idea for creating a Shoji screen look in your clAtsuya's shoji screen ideaassroom. You can download a PDF here and create your own authentic-looking room.

Shoji screen idea from Atsuya pdf.  Thank you for sharing, it looks so great !

What better way to make your classroom look authentic than a  Sakura display. Another wonderful idea from Atsuya sensei.   

         How to make sakura from Atsuya pdf. sakura decoration instructions from Atsuya

sakura decoration for classroom from Atsuya






Behaviour Management ideas will be included, also ways of keeping your classroom positive and dynamic. Yes, maybe extra work. Is it worth it? Definitely! The challenges faced by specialist teachers, with the high turnover of students among other things, is different from classroom teachers. There will be some useful ideas here. Please share ideas and strategies that are working for you and I will include them on the site.SushiChef Japanese Teaching Ideas has some practical and useful ideas also.

Risk Assessments will be included as a guide. Please modify to suit your individual needs. I make sushi once or twice a year with Year 6 and 7 classes. The Risk Assessment is 8 pages!! I so no reason why things like this cannot be shared. If it lightens the load for another teacher then I think it is wonderful. They can then spend their time actually teaching or preparing instead of re-inventing the wheel. Other Risk Assessments will be loaded as prepared or received. Anyone who wishes to contribute, please do, and your work will be acknowledged.

Japan Trip Tips are included. Organising your own trip can be so rewarding, however can seem a daunting task at the start. Some ideas to help you have a smooth, enjoyable and educational trip are included. Tips and ideas from teachers will be most welcome. Please send any ideas that you have to info@japanesejoy.com.

Saizen Tours had a tonne of useful advice, we also found things that worked and were aware of some things to avoid. Contributions to this will be anonymous. I would just like to have some amazing pointers for teachers taking their first trip….or their 20th!!

Feedback is always welcome. Please feel free to contact me.

I am hoping that this section is useful for teachers. Particularly in Primary Schools you are probably the only teacher in your school. If you cannot attend Network Meetings or regular PD, then it may be something to check when you have time as there may be new material or contributions.

Language Teaching and Learning may have its challenges, however I feel so lucky every day to be teaching Japanese. The depth of the culture and popularity of the language and customs make it so rewarding to teach. What other language has so many fantastic cultural things to do in the classroom? Beautiful characters for learning and Calligraphy, fun origami, delicious cooking and chopsticks, famous martial arts, Kimonos and other traditional dress, the origins of Karaoke, Anime, Manga, fun activities; Kendama, Daruma-otoshi to mention a couple, Samurai, Ninja, Kamikaze, Princes, Princesses, Monogatari, so many fabulous festivals………did I miss anything?Osaka castle, Miyajima mountains, snow monkeys, Universal Studio paradeSamurai

Some ideas on how to integrate these into your classroom is in the ‘Classroom Activities and Ideas’ link. Please add any ideas and practices that you have and also any feedback on content listed is most appreciated. Should you wish your feedback shared to help others please let me know.

To have a language that is so popular, traditional yet modern and so much a part of Western culture, we are surely all blessed to be Japanese Teachers, are we not?