The Zodiac Calendar. 2013 – Year of the Snake

animals and years of zodiac2013 is the year of the Snake, according to the Chinese Zodiac. This is used extensively in China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam and consists of 12 different animals as the ‘guardians’ of 12 consecutive years. The cycle then begins again.

There are many folktales as to how the animals were chosen, generally involving a race between the animals. Their results then determined their order on the calendar. The poor cat missed out after being lied to by the rat and arriving on the wrong day. In another fable, the rat pushed the cat off the ox’s back as they were crossing a river. As the cat was wronged by the rat, the cat will always chase mice and rats.

There is a slight variation in translation; ox can mean ram, goat, or sheep. Similarly, rat can also be translated a mouse,  pig is sometimes translated to boar, after its Japanese year of the snakename. Rooster may mean chicken or hen.

Characteristics of the Snake are that they are intuitive, introspective, refined and collected. They are attractive people who do not become flustered easily and take on challenges with ease. They are graceful, contemplative and not outwardly emotional.

chinese zodiac wheel

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Enjoy the Zodiac calendar. chinesezodiac2The Kanji used are Chinese, however are the same or quite similar. Chinese-Zodiac-chinese-zodiac-14269925-400-353