Travelling to Japan

Travelling to Japan is a very real possibility for many people now. Airfares have come down in price dramatiOrangeKimonocally and there are direct flights from many Australian cities. Living here on the Gold Coast, there are direct flights from the Gold Coast Airport in Coolangatta daily to Narita International Airport (near Tokyo) and Kansai International Airport (near Osaka). When there are special flight prices, you can travel for a fraction of the price you would have paid 15 years ago!


My top 9 reasons that Japan is so fantastic to travel to are :redkimono

  1. Japan is such a fascinating, interesting and captivating country
  2. Warm hearted, fun people living there
  3. Delicious, well priced, never-to-be-forgotten food
  4. Amazing shopping, particularly electrical goods, stationery and traditional Japanese souvenirs.
  5. The seasons are opposite so you can travel to a warm place in our winter or go skiing or snowboarding in our summer
  6. You can experience Japanese culture first hand; tatami floors, sleeping on a futon, Japanese baths, eating with chopsticks, visiting a temple or shrine, meeting a Geisha Girl or a Maiko and many more unique experiences.Japan pics2
  7. Only one hour time difference between most of Australia and Japan; meaning no jetlag, a definite bonus!
  8. The beautiful blend of the traditional and modern; something will surprise and intrigue you every day in Japan
  9. Hot springs, snow monkeys, beautiful temples and shrines, famous castles, mud baths, stunning mountains, Disneyland, Universal Studios……and so much more……Osaka castle, Miyajima mountains, snow monkeys, Universal Studio parade

In summary, Japan is great to travel to, cheap, flights are convenient and if you are from Australia or New Zealand, you do not need a Visa. Australia and New Zealand have ‘Reciprocal Visa Exemption Arrangements’ with Japan for a period of 90 days or less. This means that you can travel to Japan for sightseeing, visiting friends, shopping, playing sport, attending lectures or other similar activities, however not for working or any money making business ventures.You also need a valid passport. It is recommended to have at least 6 months remaining on your passport when you travel.

Essentials for travel to Japan

  • Return air ticket
  • Passport with at least 6 months remaining on it
  • Some Japanese Yen
  • Cash Passport. This is a Prepaid Travel Money Card, a secure and convenient travel money card. You may prefer a credit card and/or bank card for withdrawing money whilst in Japan.
  • Visa Card or similar works in most places, however some shops are cash only, so itj_money iscashcard always recommended.

Recommended for travel to Japan

  • Japan Rail Pass. This gives you unlimited travel on Japan Railways (including the bullet train), also affiliated buses and ferries.

These can now be purchased on-line. Check out the information and payment details on

Japan Rail Pass 2


  • Bookings for all of your accommodation. If you have an experienced Travel Company booking for you, it is highly advisable to organise all of your bookings from home before you go. Saizen Tours logo

Saizen Tours specialises in trips to Japan, whether it is for one person, families or school groups. Ever so helpful and knowledgeable, they take care of part of, or your whole trip, whatever your needs are.


So if you are thinking that you would like to experience this amazing and captivating country, take a look at the other sections of this site to help you plan your itinerary. There are some great links also to other sites to help you plan your special trip to the ‘Land of the Rising Sun.’

Itte-rasshai !!