Useful Links

Here are some fantastic links to sites that I love.

My favourite site for all things Japanese is Kids Web Japan.

It is full of so many wonderful activities, amazing facts, delicious cooking, origami, culture and so much more. I hope you find it as useful as I do. 

Kids Web Japan

Saizen Tours is a Licensed Travel Agency specialising in educational and special interest group tours to Japan. Saizen will arrange a customised Japan Tour for you, can organise Rail Passes and provide valuable information and advice. Saizen Tours don’t just specialise in Japan travel – it’s their passion and way of life. Saizen Tours site

Saizen Tours logo





Are you going to Japan? A Rail Pass is a great asset to any trip to Japan.

Now you can buy a Japan Rail Pass on-line before you go….without leaving your seat. Want to know more? Just click on the link to visit the page;

Japan Rail Pass 2

Origami is fun, challenging, decorative, practical, educational and rewarding. There are hundreds, if not thousands of origami on the sites here. You can even print your own paper and with some practice, will be making beautiful origami very soon.

origami English

This is the original Japanese site. If you can read a little (or a lot) of Japanese, or are good at navigating sites, this is worth a look too. The seasonal and monthly origami can be set out differently….plus it is fun to be reading Japanese.

origami Japanese

Origami player is another fabulous origami site. Enjoy !

Origami Player jpeg

Kids Club has a wide variety of activities to do, print out, decorate with and enjoy.

Kids Club origami

For teachers, Japanese Teaching Ideas is an amazing site. A password is required to enter, and to gain access, you need to donate a Japanese teaching resource. It is a site where teachers exchange resources. There are a wide variety of useful resources including worksheets, Power Points, games, art and crafts, flashcards, lesson plans, songs, videos, useful links and much more. The collection of resources is growing every day so keep checking on this site, it is full of amazing material to enhance your lessons and motivate you as a teacher as well. 

Japanese Teaching Ideas 2

Japanese Teaching Ideas








Kendama Australia





Kendama Australia have some fantastic information on their site and super Kendama for sale.

What I love about Kendama from Kendama Australia is the extra gold eyelet that the string goes through. They are also beautifully made and very sturdy (important for your kids and school students)

Kendama Aust 3kendama Australia logo

The colours and variety of Kendama is also amazing. Kendama Australia also have some great videos of mind-blowing Kendama tricks.


If you love all of the CHIBI on the site, then you will love

Buttercrumble is abuttercrumble creative team of sisters (Chloe and Abigail) who are behind all of Buttercrumble’s illustrations. They are inspired by Japanese culture, retro design, cute items, Scandinavian and folk illustrations. Their work is suitable for everyone and they have created artwork for websites, stationery, jewellery, advertisements, fabric and promotional material.

For a challenging and fun way to learn Japanese, try Language Perfect. LP logo

Languagemethod of delivery Perfect is an on-line learning program that allows you to challenge yourself while competing with other students in your class, school, country and the rest of the world !

You choose the number of questions, delivery mode of the questions (English to Japanese or Japanese to English) as well as your topic. There are so many to choose from.Whether you are a teacher or someone who wishes to learn Japanese, try Language Perfect. It is such a fun (and addictive) way of learning.  100.000 teachers, students, families, business people and travellers have discovered this awesome site. Will you be next? 

Easy Japanese is a fabulous site with some fun and challenging Japanese games, as well as many different topics covered for learning Japanese. My favourite is Kana Invaders – see how you go.   Gambatte ne. がんばってね。easy japanese

easy japanese banner






Try these cool games of Memory with Hiragana. Just hit  すたーと next to the arrow button down the bottom. There are 3 more Hiragana memory games using different Hiragana, then 4 Katakana games too.   がんばってね

Hiragana Memory Game site

They are all off a great site called Genki Kokugo. There is a fabulous Interactive Hiragana Chart in the ‘How do you say….?’ section as well as other wonderful posters and practice sheets.

Genki Kokugo

 Do you love Kanji? Kanjizone will translate your name into Japanese; Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. Then, if you wish you can customise a T-shirt, cap, keyring, pendant and many more products. It is a site filled with Kanji facts and information as well as useful tips for pronunciation. I love the 4 Kanji Idioms.