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Did you know tbunnyKimonohat nearly all Kanji has a meaning? Some are beautiful, some are strong and brave, some have less inspiring meanings, nonetheless, they have meanings. So when a baby is named in Japan, a lot of thought goes into the name; for how it sounds and the meaning of the Kanji.



Some popular Kanji to have in meanings for boys are  真 truth, 太郎  healthy, strong and 竜 heartsdragon blue

Some popular Kanji to have in meanings for girls are 愛 love, 美 beauty and 優 kind.

The most popular names recently in Japan are;

For boys;sky

Hiroto  宏人 open hearted person

Ren  蓮   famous Anime character, means a lotus flower

Yuuma 有真   honest person

Souta  爽太    refreshing

Sora   空 sky

Yamato  大和         strong and masculine

Shota   翔太         To take flight

For girls;truth2

Yui        結  a sense of closeness

Aoi  葵         Name of a famous movie star and also a flower

Yua  結愛        a sense of closeness and love

Rin  凛        a smart, well mannered and balanced girl

Hina  陽菜     bright and healthy

Haruna 春奈     spring, plus independent

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