Your Name in Kanji

Welcome to the Your Name in Kanji pages.

Something that I love to do is to write the names of my friends and family in Kanji. Our names will not be exactly the same as some letters differ in our alphabets. However we can get the sounds of our names into fabulous looking Kanji combinations – and they have a great meaning too. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Warning – this can be quite addictive!

Some great sounds to have in your name if you are female are BI – beauty, E or KE – blessing, Ki – joy, NI – kind hearted, KO or HI – princess, SU – pure and so many more.Kanji for Girls' Names

For male names, SU – to  protect, SHI or JI – samurai, MA – truth, FU – abundance/wealth, YO – ocean, CHU – loyalty, JO – to rescue and many more again. Then it gets a little tricky……some letters in English do not exist in Japanese.kanji for names 2

There is no L, V, Th and a modified W. These are replaced by like sounding Japanese symbols.

  • L becomes R, so Lilly is Riri, Lochie become Rokki Lochie
  • V becomes B so Vicky becomes Bikki. OK, it might be different but if you have a BI sound in your name as a girl, it means ‘beauty’ so Bikki gets the meaning of ‘beauty’ and ‘joy’.Vicky
  •  Th becomes SA, so Ethan becomes Iisan,

  • W generally becomes a U sound.

    When we put names into Japanese, it is by sound, not spelling, so it does not matter if your name has one ‘n’ or two, it will sound the same.

  • Most consonants, except ‘n’ are followed by a vowel.

    So Mark becomes Maaku, Nicholas becomes Nikorasu, Sam becomes SamuMark Nicholas Sam scrolls

  • The Kanji chosen for a person’s name, can reflect their personality;Nikki 1

     This is the name Nikki (in Japanese NIKI).

    The NI means ‘kind hearted’, the KI means ‘joy’

     ThisNikki 2 name on the left  is also Nikki, instead of ‘joy’ for the second Kanji, it means ‘energy’. You might choose this for a very fit or energetic person.

So you might ask, why can’t I do my name by myself just researching a Kanji on the internet? You can get the sound, however if you do not know the meaning, you may end up with a great looking Kanji with a meaning of death, obesity, corpse, suffering, nakedness, being possessed, lazy, edible, kidnap, ‘the solitary wasp’, swollen glands, criminal, foolish, gong, mud, worm-eaten, immature, haemorrhoids, ‘punishment by cutting off ears’…… or evTyleren diarrhea!!

Tyler in Japanese becomes Taira. TA is ‘abundance’, I is ‘mind or spirit’, RA…….if you are not careful you might choose the Kanji for nakedness !! Whoops !! Instead you can use the Kanji for ‘thanks’.

Maybe you want a beautiful kanji for a T-shirt, poster, gifts or even a tattoo (only if you are old enough). I have seen some tattoos on people who may have been told it was a samurai or something spectacular…..however it was totally different!! These are all Kanji for Dragon which looks fantastic on all kinds of things as you can see below.

Examples of Dragon in Japanese Kanji

To order your name represented by Kanji symbols, there is a PayPal link on this page.

You receive your name in Kanji as a PDF and JPG so that you can use it as you wish, as an image,  print it out as a poster or get it screen printed on a shirt, coasters, just about anything.

Special deal – 2 names for the price of 1

You can get your first name and surname….your children’s names….friends and partners…….

What to do to order your names ;

  1. Email me the names (and pronunciation if it is unusual) on
  2. Send your payment of $10.00 through PayPal. Just click on the Buy Now icon below and you will be redirected to a $10.00 page. Please include the names that you want translated and your email address in the NOTES.
  3. I translate your requested names into Kanji, sending it back to you as a JPG and PDF. A separate PDF with the meaning of the Kanji for your name is also emailed to you. . This is sent to the email address that you used to contact me and on the PayPal order. .
  4. I translate your names and email them back to you and you then will have a beautiful representation of your names, ready for whatever you wish to use them for.

Kerry colourful2

I am looking forward to hearing from you

My name, by the way, means ‘blessing’ and ‘logic’

Some beautiful names are shown in Kanji here….see if you can find your name……..Kanji name collage 1collage of names 1collage of family names 2