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Konnichi wa !   こんにちは!

This is a site that will share some of the fascinating, captivating and amazing things about Japanese language and culture with you. Students, teachers, avid travellers, lovers of Japanese and those who have a desire to learn more about Japan and Japanese will find a place here which is interesting, dynamic and fun.GeishaGirls

I am a Japanese teacher who fell in love with Japan and everything about it as soon as I sat down in my first lesson, aged 12. That love of Japan has grown, I have lived in, and visited Japan many times, have many wonderful Japanese friends and I  want to be able to share some of that joy with you.

What’s new in Japan and Japanese culture?

Check out some amazing yo-yo skills here. Definitely next-level yo-yo ! Wonderful message of persistence, passion and overcoming challenges too.

Tokyo Olympics are now just 4 years away.

Check out the handover in the closing ceremony in Rio;

If you think making sushi is challenging, how would you go making it with a single rice grain?

Take a look at this test for would-be doctors;

I try to keep this home page dynamic and interesting by adding new clips and photos.

There are always new and amazing things coming out in Japan. Take a look at Honda’s new robot;

Here is a short video about our amazing Ninja experience in Mie Prefecture in September 2013. We loved visiting Mie, in rural Japan……then the Ninja Show, Ninja house and museum and of course dressing up as a Ninja and throwing Ninja stars was such a memorable experience.

This is a definite inclusion for further school trips to Japan as it is so distinctly Japanese. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to experience something special in Japan. Iga-Ryu is about 2 hours from Kyoto and 2 and a half hours from Osaka.

It has been said in Australia that Japanese is the most successfully taught foreign language ever. I believe that a huge factor in this is that anyone who has started learning Japanese or been to Japan gets very excited about so many things and shares those. Their enthusiasm becomes infectious, more people learn and visit and the sharing, and the joy, just continues.

If yJapaneseGirlou are Japanese and wish to volunteer in an Australian classroom, please contact me and I will supply you with information to help you find a fantastic school to volunteer at.


I hope that you enjoy the site and that your interest in, and love of Japanese keeps growing.

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